11.10.2017 16:17:53

Technical museum is located very close to Vodova hall and it is also very easily accessible from Hattrick, Automobilní and Veterinární halls. You can reach it approx. in 15 minutes by public transport.


Purkyňova 105
Brno - Královo Pole
612 00 Email: info@technicalmuseum.cz
Telefon: +420 541 421 411
Fax: +420 541 214 418


autor: Dan Koubek
11.10.2017 16:18:48

Indoor kart track KART ARENA BRNO
320 metres long track
4-6 metres width of the track
five left and five right bends
banked bend in „S“ shape with 30°pitch
12 karts avaliable


autor: Dan Koubek
11.10.2017 16:19:58

Traffic playground next to the swimming pool Riviéra
Next to swimming pool Riviéra is situated new, spacious and modern traffic playground. The playground was inaugurated on October, 2, 2015.
Participants of Hummel Open Game Kids can try driving skills and braille trail.
Participants of Hummel Open Game Adults can try driving skills, drunk trail and crush simulator.
Playground is open for tournament's participants on wednesday, thursday and friday from 3 PM to 6 PM and on saturday from 9 AM to 6 PM.
Playground is open in all weather conditions.


autor: Dan Koubek
11.10.2017 16:20:54

Swimming pool RIVIÉRA
Bauerova 7
Brno – Pisárky
Free entrance to the swimming pool. The entrance is not time limited.

autor: Dan Koubek
11.10.2017 16:21:57

50% discount from entrance for the tournament participants.

Jungle Park is a rope center located in the heart of Brno. The rope center is close to Riviera swimming pool. It currently offers fun and adrenalin in the trees for all on four rope routes. You can also enjoy two 40 meters long crossings over the river Svratka.

Make the reservation one day in advance, but it is possible they will accept you on spot. It depends on the time possibilities of local instructors. THEREFORE, ALWAYS CALL THEM FIRST.
You can count with time 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. The last entry is at 7 p.m.

Lanové centrum Jungle Park
Bauerova 5
Brno 62100
GPS 49°10'57.38"N; 16°34'26.73"E
Email: info@junglepark.cz
Tel: 775 586 453

autor: Dan Koubek
11.10.2017 16:23:10

It is situated in the area of TJ Start Brno where Hattrick and Start Brno halls are located. You can use a 50% discount.

Loosova 1b
PSČ 638 00

autor: Dan Koubek


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