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Mezinárodní florbalový turnaj 2015

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30.10.2015 14:30:08

The price for breakfasts and dinners is 15 EUR per person per all tournament. This year the dinners at schools will be distributed in unlimited time – we will wait until the teams return from their matches!! At breakfast every boarder receives bottle of water on the matches. It is also possible to order the gluten-free more

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Last registered teams

Texas - Massacre - Amatéři
FbC Engineers - Muži
SWEEDLAND Sokol Val. Klobouky - Junioři BU18
Danjekrál - Junioři BU18
ACEMA Sparta Praha Yellow - Mladší žáci BU13
ACEMA Sparta Praha Black - Elevové BU11
Košér Team - Muži
Amici Guanas Floorball Team - Amatéři
Fbc Šternberk - Elevové BU11
Již 319 zaregistrovaných týmů!

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