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FB Factor is the first team from Finland which partipated at Brno Open Game. They played in category GU19 and after they won 3rd place, we made a little interview with their coach Markus Holopainen and their captain Sini Tuunanen.


At first, I would like to thank you for your participation at the tournament. I hope you enjoyed it. What do say about Brno Open Game?

Yeah, everything was well-organized tournament, so it was easy come here, take a bus, orientation in Brno but you gave us really good instructions, so it was pretty easy. Some games were really hard, but the others were on our level I guess, and that was good for us. Overall the level was good, and we enjoyed it.

That was my second question, what do you say about the other teams here?

Some of teams were great, especially in our first match on the tournament – Tempish Vítkovice, yeah, they were amazing. But the others were on the same level that we are.

What league do you play in Finland?

In Finland our women are playing the second division, which is the third highest league, but we are trying to get high. And with our team, girls born in 1999 we are playing the first league.

You are here in Brno since Wednesday until Monday. What did you already see?

Especially the center, we’ve been in shopping center of course, but we saw churches and other sights in the city center. And you gave us brilliant information about food, about restaurants, coffee shops, it was really helpful. Especially Al Capone pizza was amazing.

What is your best floorball experience in tournament and unfloorball experience?

It was good to compare with other teams, to improve skills. The first day of the tournament was tough, we didn’t know what expect, but we were improving game by game and in the final day it was a lot of better than the first day. And we won third place! And outside tournament, so many people just stared at us when we spoke Finnish, but, I guess, they always tried to help us. And definitely the biggest experience with your language.

Do you know some Czech words?

Not really, but we can guess. But, we tried to find some water and we were looking for with and without bubbles, so I’m not sure as you pronounce “perliva” and “neperliva”. But that’s all. But we’d like to know for example “hello”.

That’s easy, just “ahoj”.

Ahoj? Ok, yeah that’s really simple.

Once again, I’d like to thank you for your participation and hope we don’t see each other for the last time and you will come next year.

We can try, yes. Thank you so much for helping us and definitely for the organization. We will share the information about Open Game.



Registration for Open Game 2019 has been started

Registration for the 11th year youth tournament and the 13th year of an adult tournament has been started! Like always tournament is separated in two parts. Youth part is scheduled on date 20th - 23th June 2019 and the adult part on 27th - 30th June 2019.     You can register your team till  30th April 2019.   REGISTRATION FORM - CLICK HERE LIST OF CATEGORIES - CLICK HERE  

Brno floorball festival - Open Game's younger brother

We are so glad that we can introduce to you younger brother of Hummel Open Game - tournament Brno Floorball Festival. The first year of this tournament will be held September 6 - 8 and also September 15 - 17 2019 for all children categories. You don't have to find teams for your friendly matches before the season, just enjoy new Brno tournament, which is the best preparation for your team. All necessary information you can find on official web www.brn

How to get to Brno?

How to get to Brno? BY PLANE The Brno International Airport is located 7.5 km southeast of the city center. The airport terminal is approximately 2 km from the D1 highway, near Exit 201 Brno-Slatina. Paid parking (10 minute drop-off is free) is available in front of the terminal and is also suitable for long term parking. The express city bus line number 76 stops at the terminal and travels to one of the main bus stations at the Grand Hotel in the city centre with a total journey time

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